LoveJoy Collective

Logo and Brand design
What is LoveJoy Collective?
LoveJoy Collective is an inclusive photography business that creates branded imagery to help womxn entrepreneurs connect with their brand, their clients, and their colleagues.
Homemade feels
LoveJoy Collective sought branding that spoke to a classic and fashionable aesthetic while remaining authentic to its home-grown nature.
Mockup of business card featuring LoveJoy Collective logo

Sketching and Ideation

The process began as many branding projects do: with pencil and paper. After quickly iterating on several ideas, I moved into Procreate on the iPad to digitally refine my sketches.

Handlettered sketch
Iconography logo sketch
Serif logo sketch


The client expressed interest in options 1 and 2 for their hand-lettered and classic feeling respectively. The two ideas were combined in the form of a monogram paired with a uniquely rounded serif font. The result was three logos that can be applied across various print and digital platforms.

LJ Collective monogram
Refined logotype combining monogram and type
LJ Collective lettered logo

Color Palette

A variety of logos needs a variety of colors! The palette is made up of jewel toned colors which are versatile for digital and print surfaces. Jewel toned colors are also the most recommended when it comes to portrait photography, making the color palette speak volumes for the brand.

Red violet, rose, and bubblegum colorsLJ Collective logo in six colorsMarigold, blue jade, marine colors


Below are examples of how the logo and brand guidelines are applied across print and digital mediums.

LJ Collective homepage mockupLJ Collective homepage mockup
Showcase of branded stationary designed for LoveJoy Collective

This project was an absolute dream to work on. The relationship between client and designer was so seamless! Contact me today if you would like to collaborate on your next branding project!